About the Music
22 Strings is a project focusing on not only the traditional classical guitar sound/style, but also combining classical guitar with electric guitar and bass.

The project is an outgrowth of gigs Geoff Valentine has played over the past few years at the Dedham Square Coffeehouse with Adam and Phil.

Photo used for the postcard/graphic is by David Sena

Contact: music@geoffvalentine.net

The Program

Solo Guitar

  • Prelude 1 from WTC bk 1, J.S. Bach
  • (Five of) Seven in Essence, A. York
  • Estudios Sencillos, nos. 1 through 10, L Brouwer
  • And more...

Classical Guitar Duets
Phil and Geoff

  • Duet in G, F. Carulli
  • Valse in C, F. Sor
  • Bouree, G.Telemann
  • Minuet, F. Haydn
  • Theme, F. Chopin -> R. Schumann, Melody

Electric Guitar and Classical Guitar Duets
Adam and Geoff

  • Gnossiennes nos. 1 through 3, E. Satie
  • Opening (from Glassworks), P. Glass

Electric Bass and Classical Guitar Duets
John and Geoff

  • Dances 1,2 and 5 from 5 Dances by A. Kruisbrink

22 Strings Quartet

  • Fugue #1 in C from WTC bk 1, J.S. Bach
  • Simon and the Penguin, G. Valentine

The Musicians

Philip Burr, classical guitar

Adam Crary, electric guitar

John Horigan, electric bass

Geoff Valentine, classical guitar

Contact: music@geoffvalentine.net ... 857.891.0996