Photos and Media

(Nov. 19, 2017) Here's a video from five years ago (recorded in July of 2012) that I recently dug up. Forgot that I'd done this. It's a version of the WTC Prelude 1 in C. I play it a bit differently now. Despite the poor video quality, and my home-office-casual attire, I think the performance is a (halfway) decent document of my interpretation at the time. I'll need to re-do this at some point (plans in the back of my mind are to do a series of video recordings, but I have a 2 year old, so time is not abundant at the moment!).

A couple of photos taken by my good friend David Sena at my Nov 7, 2015 performance at the Dedham Square Coffehouse (formerly Paradise Cafe)

Here are some photos from my master class performance at ASTA 2013 for Jonathan Leathwood